Coach Cook Williams

September of this year 2014 will mark 3 years since I began teaching kids chess. I’ve had an awesome time teaching young students the game of chess and how to make good decisions! My hope is to help bring out the best in each of the students that I work with. For me chess became a bridge that allowed me to reach my two young sons. We have bonded more through playing chess than we ever would have through the video games that once captivated them. They are my original private students and I am proud of them for their accomplishments and the sportsmanship they have learned to display.


In the past two years my original private lesson students, Elijah and Benji have gone on to win many tournaments and have collected 9 trophies each, almost all of them 1st or 2nd place. It is an awesome feeling to have coached a beginner all the way to become the 7th grade Indiana State Champion and the 3rd grade 3rd place champ!


This year I have expanded the reach of the private lessons taking on additional students. The two that have been the most consistent with lessons have also won first and second place trophies in Illinois tournaments this school year. We cannot guarantee that every student will win a trophy. I will say however, that I work to make sure that students that I teach become better than when we started. If you would like to get private lessons or be apart of the small group lessons give me a call.


Cook Williams


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