Bright Knights:  Knowledge and Fun for Everyone!

​Whether it is joining the school band, sports team, or chess club, these activities can have a tremendous effect on the growth and success of a student. Many low income families may not get the benefits of quality after school programs. There are many students who want to participate in enrichment programs but are not allowed to for financial reasons. In our first year we endeavored to provide a quality program at an affordable price. Yet to reach everyone that wanted the opportunity to learn chess we also donated lessons in some low income areas.


Bright Knights would like to continue to provide lessons for all those who want to learn.  We invite you to join us in helping us to provide knowledge and fun for everyone!

The Afterschool Alliance reports that 25% of youth, K-12, are responsible for taking care of themselves in the after-school hours, while only 11% of youth, K-12, participate in an after-school program. Twenty-two million children want after-school and only 6.5 million children are currently participating in after-school.  The need is particularly high for youth in middle school – just 6% are enrolled in after-school programs.[i] 


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